Saturday, June 14, 2014

Decisions Decisions

It all comes down to deciding whether or not your child is ready for school.

In my case, I had no choice. My son is four. You may think he is ready for school. More than ready.
However, certain circumstances made it impossible for him to actually be prepared for school.

Admittedly, it was partly my fault, seeing that being bilingual with local dialects and the English language really had an effect in his transition.

He can't speak. Or rather has issues with conversing with the public. Even to me. Which is unfortunate really.
I had him scheduled for a check up with a behavior pediatrician, but knowing the situation here in the Philippines, we had to wait for a year. His schedule will be on August 11, 2014.

So instead of waiting for the doctor's findings, I decided to take part on his daily learning. I thought I did. But I was wrong. This is where it was partly my fault.

I cannot blame my situation - being a single working mother. I still had to make sure I was giving my son the attention he needs, but I think he fears me most. He fears that I may not be able to please him which is why he would rather react to most people rather than me.

My son loves me. I know that. I love him - to bits and pieces. But after a while. I know I had not given him enough.

I am willing to hear any ideas on homeschooling activities for my son since I will be focusing on him 3 times a week - weekends.

Today I start shopping for simple materials for the home and transform a portion of our home into his little learning center.

I am confident that we will have progress - even before his check up.

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