Saturday, June 14, 2014

Start Off

I'll cite my learning and my schedule based on this link:

It's a great read! I hope she does not mind that I shared her blog.

1. Schedule

The first thing that I need to do is to prepare a schedule for me and my son.
The initial plan is to start off his "homeschool" on a Thursday and end on a Sunday.
(Mommy is a bit busy from Mondays to Wednesdays)

But on a daily basis - my mom and my sister need to be consistent in following his daily routine.
Otherwise - he will get lazy.

(I will do this on paper and update this blog on the progress report).

a. Sleep and Wake Times
b. Meals
c. Play
d. What Mom Needs :)
e. Learning Activities
f. Limit Screens

2. Life Skills/Character

a. You want to help your child establish good habits, with the parents as the authorities

I know for a fact that by now, my son is a loving and caring boy. He loves people around him and is very wary of strangers. He also likes to help out his wawa on specific chores  like cooking or preparing my work clothes.

b. Regular social interaction with other children is helpful.

I guess this is where I am at fault. We don't usually let him go out of the house and usually find him a "loner" during playtime. So perhaps I can schedule a weekend get together with some kids so He would be able to be socially prepared.


I will be buying picture books today!!

"Your goal with the ABCs is to teach the letter sounds."

He knows his sounds - not the letters

"Songs, Poetry, and Bible verses are easily memorized "
 Really have to work on this one


Helping activities - will set time for this
Sensory activities
Craft activities
Learning toys


Calendar -  You cantalk about the days of the week, sing songs, show him the months on the calendar


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